QuickBooks is a accounting software that has completely changed how the business accounting used to work. This software is mostly used by small and medium businesses and it has helped many accountants as well as business owners in managing their financial accounts. QuickBooks offers you various versions like enterprise, Pro, Accountant, and Premier. You can choose the version according to the way you understand the software and can use it.

While QuickBooks is amazing software for businesses, it’s also filed with lot of errors. This is the reason why the makers of the company have provided QuickBooks Error Support to repair files and errors and to maintain QuickBooks Support for its users.

If you get an error 6000 and you can’t access your files, it might be a problem.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Support 6000

  • If you installed QuickBooks incompletely.
  • If there was a damaged company file in the software
  • If the folder in which the file is located or saved is damaged
  • If the hosting is enabled on both the server as well as workstation instead of only the server
  • If the server doesn’t have permission to access the company file
  • If the currently logged in user doesn’t have permission to access the files
  • If the QuickBooks Data Services doesn’t have the permission to access the company files
  • If the security software is blocking access to the QuickBooks Data Service User service on the server where the company file is actually located.


The solution to this error without taking help from QuickBooks Error Support depends on what the user was doing when this error occurred. Following are some of the cases when the error can occur-

1.A User was trying to open a company file which was stored on a Windows Server

If you were trying to open a file stored on Windows server and you get this error you can

  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor and use it to resolve the error
  • In case you have installed QuickBooks on more than one system, try to configure only one to store the company file
  • You can edit the host file name with Windows server or IP address on the system where the company file was stored


  1. If a User was creating a backup and an error occurred:  

In this case you can create a manual backup and store it under C drive


  1. If a User was trying to restore a company file:

In this case check you file extension whatever they might be just change them to .qbw. If that too doesn’t work check if there are problems with the file path or the file name.

If you are still facing this error, you can restart QuickBooks. Mostly, the error is resolved after you restart the software and there are no further steps needed. But if it still doesn’t work then you can obviously consult for QuickBooks Support.



Source Url: http://quickbooks-customersupport.blogspot.com/2016/09/quickbooks-error-support-6000-77-unable.html


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