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Every company needs to have a proper framework or structure in place to handle its finances properly, without which its business runs the risk of heading towards a financial catastrophe. Keeping track and managing their accounts in a thorough manner is prerequisite to any business hoping to function smoothly. The task of maintaining a detailed account of every expenditure and expenses incurred in a physical form might be cumbersome and prone to human errors as well. But with so much technology at hand, all of this has now been rendered obsolete with a number of accounting software now aiding businesses in their financial management.

Quickbooks Customer Support Phone Number

Among this sea of software, QuickBooks has emerged as one of the finest and most comprehensive solution to companies’ accounting needs. With its robust software designing and easy-on-the-eye user interface, QuickBooks has become one of the favorite and most widely used accounting software. Its users have access to a host of features, including payroll services, inventory management, employee details and much more. This, along with its cloud-enabled capabilities makes QuickBooks a very reliable option for business managers to use anytime, anywhere. With QuickBooks, it becomes very easy to keep track of and manage all of your company’s financial holdings. But this can also leave your critical financial data susceptible to damage or loss if something was to happen to your QuickBooks software.

We understand how important it is for your business that your QuickBooks software performs without any problems, and keeping that in mind offer solutions to take care of any and all problems related to QuickBooks. Be it an error in your payroll system or the need to recover critical data from your QuickBooks files, our highly trained customer care executives are adept at resolving all your problems. We provide a range of services, from QuickBooks technical support to QuickBooks payroll support so that our customers can breathe easy while we take care of the issues afflicting their QuickBooks software.

Quickbooks payroll Support 1-800-518-1838

Our teams of certified and highly accomplished professionals have a deep knowledge and understanding of the accounting software, and are motivated towards providing the best customer service to our clients. This enables us to deliver a level of customer satisfaction unmatched by any other support service provider out there. Moreover, to enhance our customers’ experience and provide them solutions at their convenience, we offer our services which are available 24×7. This allows us to develop a long lasting relationship with our customers which is based on trust and is mutually beneficial.

So if you are having any trouble with your QuickBooks software, contact us through our website or call us on our toll-free Quickbooks customer service phone number (1-800-518-1838) anytime of the day or night, and our customer care executives will get back to you immediately to resolve your problems.

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QuickBooks Accounting Software- Problem and Issues

QuickBooks is simple and easy to use online accounting software which helps you manage finances in just a click. QuickBooks customer service phone number specializes in providing third party technical support.


Following are some of the QuickBooks Accounting Software Problems/ Issues:

1) Loose connection to data file:

This is the toughest problem to troubleshoot. Could be fussy regarding the network. Even a minute of network problem is likely to loose network. We should use diagnostic tool to fix the problem.

2) Slow connectivity when in multi-user mode:

There might be many reasons for the network to work slowly and having multi user is one such reason. Appropriate working on the hardware must be ensured. The issue could be present in the data file too. The issue could be present in the data file itself.

3) Not able to find the data:

If an issue comes where QuickBooks accounting software tries hard to find the data file on the server, you need to make sure if the server machine is launched and established Properly. In such cases the server manager might not be functioning properly.

4) Printer not working properly:

Having a printer that won’t give a print is definitely a problem. Luckily, with QuickBooks, there could be a simple solution for this. This issue generally comes in when a new printer is set up or yet to be installed.

5) Problem in copying and transferring the data:

Sometimes, users will have to replicate the data file from a different location. Generally it is done to generate a backup system. To get additional information regarding QuickBooks Accounting Software makes sure that you would get in touch with us.

For any QuickBooks accounting related  Problem Call us at 1-800-518-1838.


Quickbooks Payroll Support – Certified Payroll Support Services

To run the business properly, it is important to pay your employee at the right time. QuickBooks do the job for you and keep your business running seamlessly. QuickBooks is one the most popular account software that takes the control as your company’s accountant and manages all the account related issues to run the business smooth.


A payroll process includes generates the Paychecks of employees, print them and pay the right amount. While using the service, you are allowed to decide the issued time of paychecks and the process of delivery. You can also access the left leaves, working hours and overtime. This process proves great in establishing good employee relationships.

QuickBooks calculates the gross pay of each employee, and then add taxes and arrival deductions in the salary pay. In QuickBooks, you are allowed to generate the paycheck, save the transaction record in your QuickBooks account, Find the liabilities and taxes, and pay them.

QuickBooks calculates payroll by using tax tables. To access the tax tables with the company data file, it is required to subscribe to any of the Intuit Payroll Services, either QuickBooks Basic Payroll, Standard Payroll, Enhanced Payroll or Assisted Payroll. To subscribe or learn about the options, go to the Learn About Services on the Home page and click “Pay your employees.”

To calculate the payroll, QuickBooks seeks four information:
•    Information about the company
•    Information about employees
•    Information about payroll items
•    Tax tables for state, local and federal withholding’s

Payroll setup

The QuickBooks payroll feature works by default with the exercise file. To turn off the payroll in company file, take the following steps:
1.    Go to the Edit menu, select Preferences, and click Payroll & Employees on the left panel.
2.    Click on the Company Preferences tab and choose “No payroll.”
3.    Click OK.

QuickBooks offers Quickbooks payroll support service in case you need help to subscribe the services or set up.
If you don’t want to subscribe to any QuickBooks Payroll service, QuickBooks allows you to calculate the employees’ payroll manually.

1.    Go to Help, and select QuickBooks Help (or press F1).
2.    Click Search, enter “manual payroll,” and press Enter.
3.    Choose the topic: Calculate payroll taxes manually.
4.    Set the company file to access the manual payroll calculations setting, then click the link of manual payroll calculations.
5.    Click ‘Set my company file’ to access manual calculations link.
6.    Close and restart QuickBooks.

In case you do not find the payroll features in the Employee menu, make sure that your preferences are set properly to access the payroll.

1.    Go to the Menu, choose Edit and then Preferences.
2.    Choose Payroll & Employees.
3.    Click the Company Preferences tab.
4.    Select Full Payroll, and click OK.

Despite of all correct settings from your end, it is possible to face problem during the use of payroll features. You may find it difficult to generate the paychecks or calculating the net pay amount. Quickbooks customer support phone number helps you to resolve the issue in one dial. It provides secure remote access to your account to fix the problem instantly.